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  • Everyday 160,000 students stay home from school due to fear of attack or intimidation (National Association of School Psychologists) 
  • Nationally, 260 teachers are physically assaulted and 6,250 teachers are threatened with bodily injury everyday (National Education Association) 
  • 46 percent of high school students report seeing a serious fight at least once a month at school (US Today) 
  • Research shows that 1/3 of the brain shuts down for as much as 72 hours after seeing this type of violence 
  • 250,000 students are targets of attacks, shakedowns, or robberies in secondary and higher education schools everyday (National School Security/Safety Center)

Assuring Safety in Schools

We all know that incidences can happen at any given time in any location. The current state is that when an issue does occur it is the administrator who tries to determine the factual sequence of events. If a traditional vintage hall camera is pointed in the correct direction then the administrator can only rely on grainy and soundless visual support evidence.

However, with the EduSee’s VuSchool HD Mobile Camera System you can improve the assurance and mobility you need to keep your students, teachers, and administrators safe inside as well as outside the school environment. The EduSee VuSchool gives you the support you need through color, high definition video and audio recording.

EduSee's VuSchool

…parents trust us with their most prized possession, their children. Before any learning occurs, we must keep them safe. – High School Principal

EduSee’s VuSchool Mobile Camera System is the premiere wearable digital video system on the market today. It is small and lightweight, easy to operate and allows teachers, administrators and SROs to record high quality audio and video in full 720P HD. The VuSchool HD brings all the advantages of an In-Car Video System to the shirt pocket or lanyard of every school district employee. 

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